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We provide Aircraft Nondestructive Testing Services.

Whether your specific Aircraft Nondestructive Test Inspection(s) require major structural NDT, pre-purchase NDT, or from minor in-house damage / repair requiring (3rd Party) evaluation, we are trained to bring you through the NDT process requirements. Our NDT services are Mobile, additionally; we have a NDT Laboratory if you desire to send aircraft components to us.

We specialize in quick-turn NDT capabilities to keep you on schedule. A complete NDT Report / Certificate is issued following all Mobile and Laboratory NDT Inspections.

Whether it’s Eddy Current, X-ray, Magnetic Particle, Liquid Penetrant, Visual or Ultrasonic inspection, we will do what ever we can to comply with your inspection requirements on your time table.

While some NDT Firms try to branch out into many forms of NDT and using Aircraft NDT as a side market, we are committed solely to Aircraft NDT. Our NDT Level II and Level III technicians have accumulated over 60 years of Aircraft NDT experience and look forward to putting it to work for you.

Nondestructive testing is a long word used to describe the means by which materials and structures may be examined without disruption or impairment to their serviceability. Using NDT, internal properties or hidden flaws are revealed by appropriate techniques. The general Aircraft NDT classifications are:

Magnetic Particle, Liquid Penetrant, Ultrasonics/ Bondtesting, Radiographic (x-ray), Eddy Current/ Conductivity Measurements, and Visual Inspection





Magnetic Particle (MT)
Liquid Penetrant (PT)
Ultrasonics/Bondtesting (UT)
X-Ray (RT)
Eddy Current Testing (ET)
Remote Visual-Borescope (VT)